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I've always donated to athletes in my community but now, having it be a reciprocal exchange and making memories in return for my investment makes me really feel like I can be part of the athletes journey!
Roman | Enthusiast | 34 | Stans
Being able to earn money doing what I do best while being an advocat for my sport in my local community is the #dreamjob!
Katrina | Athletics | 26 | Zürich
I loved going deeper into the secrets of a sport I've been practicing alone for a few years now. On top of learning so much, trying to keep up to this future Olympian in the pool resulted in the hardest workout of my life!
Martin | Enthusiast | 40 | Lucerne
I've always wanted to offer lessons to the young players in my home club and now there's the perfect way. Rentlete is the answer to my needs as an athlelete and mentor. I'm reccommending it to any athlete looking for additional part-time income and a chance to share their passion!
Fabienne | Volleyball | 22 | Basel
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